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School Security

This is unfortunate and disturbing fact that there are more children to care about school today than just whether or not they will pass their latest review. During the last thing they should worry about is their own Security at school, violence in primary schools is the range of all-too-common ones that can occur in various forms. Recently, as seen in the tragic shooting in Omaha, Nebraska just a few weeks ago.

School Security

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Consider, for example, the following Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics are taken from the sample of high school students in 2009: 

11.1% reported a physical fight on school property during the past 12 months 

5% did not attend school at least once in the past 30 days because they felt unsafe either at school or on their way to or from school 

5.6% reported carrying a weapon on school property one or more days during the past 30 days 

7.7% reported being threatened or injured with a weapon on school property at least once in the past 12 months From 1992-2006, 116 students were killed - an average of 16.5 student homicide each year. 

What is perhaps even more surprising is that price is actually a decline in student murder case! Although these figures may seem surprising, it is important to remember that only 1% of all cases of homicide and suicide among young people of school age in the school yard, on their way to or from school, or transit to or from school-sponsored event. While the 1% seems like a small percentage, we should note, however, that every death is preventable because school violence is not acceptable, and that schools, parents, students and their community should cooperate to avoid unnecessary tragedies. Another interesting fact of this study highlights is that from the year 1992-1999, school-related homicide perpetrators are likely to have shown some form of suicidal behavior prior to the event, and their deadly actions preceded by certain signals, such as threats, notes or journal entries. All of these "warning signs" reinforce the importance of providing school safety and quality of violence prevention training for all school employees, so they are better able to identify potential markers of violence and intervene before it is too late.  School Security will always remain a high priority.

School Safety

School safety is something that all individuals in authority in a school setting need to take into consideration. No matter how large or small a school is, if there are children who attend, the safety of those children is the school's responsibility.

Did You Know

That the very first school bus was drawn by horse? In 1827 George Shillibeer built it for a Quaker school and was designed to carry up to 25 children. Heat not include!