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School Safety Program

Does your school have a School Safety Program ?

If not, it should really implement one. If you think of how important our children are, it would be terrible if something bad would happen to one or more 
of them while at school.

Some of the many things that could require us to put a 'school safety program' into action:

Severe Weather - Depending on where you live, severe weather can and will be a factor we need to deal with. Whether it is a severe thunderstorm, or even worse, a tornado, a plan needs to be in place to ensure the students (as well as teachers and other faculty) safety. Students need to be told exactly what to do in the case of severe weather. How and where they should go and in what order.

School Safety Program

Natural Disaster - There are also a number of natural disasters that potentially could require us to implement a school safety program. Although much rarer than severe weather, these are potentially more dangerous and need to be planned for.

Fire or Explosion - It is extremely important to prepare for a fire or explosion. Proper smoke and fire detectors need to be installed as well as a central alarm system. In addition, an orderly evacuation plan needs to be in place. Fire drills should be practiced at least every other month as a way of ensuring that in the event of a real emergency, the students know what to do and avoid a panic situation.

A calm and orderly evacuation plan is essential.

So, as you can see, there are a number of things that we need to be prepared 
for. It is always best to plan ahead if "god forbid" one of the above scenario's would happen. A School Safety Program is essential!

So there you have information on a  School Safety Program. Hopefully this can help you and your family be more informed.

School Safety

School safety is something that all individuals in authority in a school setting need to take into consideration. No matter how large or small a school is, if there are children who attend, the safety of those children is the school's responsibility.

Did You Know

That the very first school bus was drawn by horse? In 1827 George Shillibeer built it for a Quaker school and was designed to carry up to 25 children. Heat not include!