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School Safety Officer

Although school safety officers enjoyed a good reputation in the community, parents, teachers and students play a vital role in maintaining an educational environment in schools that are safe. His job profile and preventive measures to prevent the activities of terrorist gangs and violence in academic settings. The following is a brief description of the fundamental rights and responsibilities of the officers, how they are selected, trained, evaluated and financed.

School Safety Officer

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Education and Training

Officials must have the ability and willingness to build relationships with young students. They should also be checked and basic safety skills to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency. Other requirements include information on how to prevent and extinguish the fire in case of failure, information on strategies and evaluation of evidence and information about the laws in the school funds. It is important to remember that laws often differ from basic safety and the safety of the university. Some states have certain mandatory technical requirements, while others just about anybody who meets the basic standards and training for work. The person must be free of mental disorders resulting from disruptions of this type will result in biased and unethical behavior at work. He or she must be a U.S. citizen at least 18 years, graduated from high school, and a clean record. Candidates must not legal convictions of controlled substances, alcohol, gambling, theft, robbery, rape and arson.


The officers receive special training in crisis prevention and ready. They know how to effectively deal with terrorists and gang activities in schools. The training is based on the school records in the past, current problems, solutions, and possible reactions of students, teachers and communities.

Basic rights

The main function of a school safety officer include creating awareness about the safety of the law school education with regard to implementation, monitoring visits to schools, support for disruptive students, implementation and monitoring standards on the campus of the institution. She often dressed in uniforms and civilian work without full power of the police.

SRO Program

Selecting, funding, training and evaluating the school safety officer, the agreement will take place between local governments and school districts. The formal agreement known as the SRO program. The exact job description of officers will depend on the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Job descriptions vary considerably by state. Perhaps the job profile of a single officer rather unique compared to other officials in other states.


The remuneration of the official school of the Safety Center will be determined based on the aforementioned provisions of the SRO program is eligible in that state. The amount of money they receive salaries vary widely depending on the type of school to work, whether it is the primary means.

In general, the school safety officers play an important role in detecting and maintaining a safe and nurturing school environment.

School Safety

School safety is something that all individuals in authority in a school setting need to take into consideration. No matter how large or small a school is, if there are children who attend, the safety of those children is the school's responsibility.

Did You Know

That the very first school bus was drawn by horse? In 1827 George Shillibeer built it for a Quaker school and was designed to carry up to 25 children. Heat not include!