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School Safety Tips

School Safety

School is hard enough without having to worry that they are safe on the road or while you're there. But Can Help. Below are some tips on how to start the school safely.

School Safety Tips

Coming home from school and back

* Find an easy way to leave school on foot or by bus. Ask your parents if something should watch the road. Always walk to the sister of his brother's neighbor, or friend.

* Do not talk to strangers, go anywhere with it, or take anything from them.

* Know your address and telephone number, including area code and zip code. If you have difficulty remembering, write and store in a safe place.

After School

* If you stay home alone for a few hours after school while their parents are at work, call and check on them when they go home. 

* Ask your parents what the rules are. You can watch TV before you finish your homework? Take a snack or ice cream?


Most teachers have their own rules for what happens in their school, but there are some things to remember when in class.

* If no other person, also a friend asks you to do something you do not want to do.

* If you are struggling, talking. Fighting was hurt and probably will get into trouble. You can even have a reputation for being a bully.

* Note that the charge is very different to say. Tattling someone gets in trouble, and tell a person coming out of trouble. It is always good to say.

* If you are worried or feel something funny, like fighting with a friend, an encounter with a bully or something, talk to a trusted adult.

Study hard. You can anything you want if you work hard and never quit.

So there you have information on a  School Safety Program. Hopefully this can help you and your family be more informed.

School Safety

School safety is something that all individuals in authority in a school setting need to take into consideration. No matter how large or small a school is, if there are children who attend, the safety of those children is the school's responsibility.

Did You Know

That the very first school bus was drawn by horse? In 1827 George Shillibeer built it for a Quaker school and was designed to carry up to 25 children. Heat not include!