school bus safety

School Bus Safety

School bus safety is an important consideration when making an overall school safety plan. While we often think of school safety as involving the school building itself, students can still face dangers while on the school bus, and schools need to take precautions to keep the kids safe while they are riding to school.

School buses are huge vehicles, and children need to be taught how to stay safe around them. School bus safety begins by teaching children to stay away from the bus while it is stopping. They should not approach the bus until the doors are opened by the bus driver. Also, when passing in front of a bus, students should be at least 10 feet in front of the bus. Most school buses are now equipped with arms to show students where to walk when passing in front. School bus safety requires that students are taught to respect this distance.

School Safety

School safety also involves dealing with bullies and other danger from peers. Children should be taught what to do if they feel like they are in danger while on the school bus. They need to be told which staff members they should contact if dangerous behavior is spotted on the bus. Also, children should be taught never to participate in horseplay while on the school bus. They should remain seated so that they do not distract the driver. Flying objects, such as paper wads, are particularly dangerous on a school bus, because they can hit the driver and cause a distraction.

School Safety

School safety is something that all individuals in authority in a school setting need to take into consideration. No matter how large or small a school is, if there are children who attend, the safety of those children is the school's responsibility.

Did You Know

That the very first school bus was drawn by horse? In 1827 George Shillibeer built it for a Quaker school and was designed to carry up to 25 children. Heat not include!